A vision has shaped up.
A leagacy has been augmented.
A luxury has been introduced.
An address has been created.
A lifestyle has been designed.
Pune's nucleus of culture and heritage now gets unprecedented glamour. '9 Sadashiv' is a creation born out of our burning passion to form an accomplished league of homeowners.
Sadashiv Peth is way of life treasured by generations. Along its winding streets live heritage and a unique culture - simple, beautiful, insightful, traditional, yet modern. Beside its many historical landmarks, '9 Sadashiv' shall stand as an icon of progressiveness.
Name : Pinnacle 9 Sadashiv
Location : sadashiv peth, Pune.
Size : 1400 sqft - 1800 sqft
Type : 2 BHK - 3 BHK Apartment.
Compeltion : Ongoing
Availability : Yes.