Company Profile

When a dream took shape in the mind of a creative and visionary entrepreneur Mr. Gajendra Pawar, it was natural that he chose the hill top of Chandani Chowk in Pune to realize it.

Pinnacle Gardens, the brainchild of Mr. Gajendra Pawar not only became a solid support, but also laid the foundation of what was to later become a creative and progressive business organization.

The humble beginning was Pinnacle Gardens, which proffered a rich experience in the planning and development of a construction site. This much appreciated maiden creation brought in the self realization about the depths to be reached and the heights to be scaled.

He found a route, real estate, to channelize his passion for creation. In 1996, Pinnacle Constructions was launched. Their very first scheme in the heart of the city, Pinnacle Apartments was a success.

The old, traditional ‘waadas’ in the heart of the city were transformed into modern, space efficient residential structures. In a short span, Pinnacle had completed more than 25 re-development projects with more than 700 satisfied homeowners.

This unprecedented growth was empowered by the quintessential Pinnacle values, innovation, flawless master planning, precision and persistence.


Mr. Gajendra Pawar

Undeniably self motivated, Mr. Gajendra Pawar is a rare blend of highly artistic sensibilities and sharp business acumen. He has proved his mettle time and again by following his instincts even in the face of adversities, accomplishing spectacular success in his endeavours.

Mr. Pawar is also President of the Marathi Bandhkam Vyavasaik Association (MBVA), a group of over 325 Marathi developers from Pune.

Mrs. Sadhana Pawar

A qualified child psychologist, Mrs. Sadhana Pawar has contributed in immense measures to the growth of Pinnacle Group. As a head of Pinnacle Infosolutions, she initiated Popcorn Break, an innovative concept in e-learning.

Her latest initiative is the Pinnacle Concept Learning centre (PCLC) which is an elaborately designed learning system to prepare children at an early age for the competitive academic scenario.

Mr. Rohan Pawar

His youthful ideas are strengthened by his early entry in the hard core business arena. Rohan handles various functional departments of the construction business with immense zeal and confidence. With his independent judgment and quick decision making abilities, he has already tasted sweet success in the field.